Tynette Deveaux: We must stop thinking of ourselves as powerless in the face of big corporations and governments that time and time again betray our trust. We stop asking those in power to do the right thing. We start telling them what they must do.

Letter: “Canada Post already has the infrastructure and the network it needs to be an integral part of the post-COVID recovery and to become a leader in sustainable development. In doing so, it would create jobs across the country and be part of the government’s environmental plan, while also respecting its mandate to be financially self-sustaining.”

An open letter to Iain Rankin, former Minister of the department of Lands and Forestry, now running for the leadership of the Nova Scotia Liberal party. “Mr. Rankin, your pledges need to be trustworthy if you want them to translate into votes, and how are voters to trust you with a record like that? More needs to be done to restore credibility, and clearly, much more needs to be done towards a sustainable future in this province,” writes Shanni Bale.