Media release: Sierra Club Atlantic’s new Beyond Climate Promises report is calling for urgent action and accountability on climate change, forestry, and a just transition. Sierra Club Atlantic submitted the report to the Nova Scotia Department of Environment and Climate Change last night as part of the public consultation on the Sustainable Development Goals Act and New Climate Change Plan for Clean Growth, which closed July 26.

PSA: Lilly Barraclough: I am recruiting youth research participants in Mi’kma’ki for my thesis on examining how politically active youth experience climate grief.

We protest, we write letters to members of parliament, we picket, but often we don’t really think it’s going to change things in a real sense. Well, think again, activism was a major force behind the demise of Goldboro LNG.

Letter: We will not be able to reach our national climate change goals while initiatives like Pieridae’s Goldboro project are even considered. This makes no sense to me whatsoever, especially when very knowledgeable people within the energy and financial industry are viewing this idea as a ‘boondoggle’.

Gail Wylie: Its a perennial puzzle for the Canadian public- the blithely repeated but already refuted nuclear industry claims for ‘small modular reactors.’ The catchy industry words and phrases remain unaltered and misleading. And that’s the case with the Chronicle Herald’s May 3rd article lamenting the exclusion of nuclear power in Nova Scotia.

Zack Metcalfe continues to explore how forests act as carbon sinks. Forests are dynamic, unruly, and just a little bit weird, absorbing carbon but also producing it, defying easy interpretations and demanding, above all, our respect and attention, he writes.

Zack Metcalfe looks at the feds’ plan to plant 2 billion trees between now and 2030. If you view these 2 billion trees purely from the perspective of carbon, you’ll be disappointed, he writes. But it’s still a sensible thing to do. If we do it right, that is. This is part 1 of a two-part series. Next All hail the woods, more about forests, carbon, clearcuts and sustainable forestry. Nothing is ever simple.