Monday, 18 February 2019

There are solid signs the proposed Goldboro Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) plant in Guysborough County is getting ever closer to ramping up. This is bad news for people who worry about climate change as it raises doubts about Nova Scotia’s ability to meet its greenhouse gas (GHC) reduction targets.  Independent researcher Ken Summers did a deep dive, and this is what he discovered.

New contributor and Divest Dal member Laura Cutmore writes on Canada’s longest university campout for fossil fuel divestment, and why Dalhousie can no longer look the other way. Climate, racial, and gender justice are inextricably linked, she writes, and there simply are no more excuses for inaction.

“We know what we need to know, we know the solutions – and you have some choices to make.” Transcript of an excellent speech by Hannah Mills during the August 2016 rally outside a Liberal fundraiser on Gottingen Street hosted by MP Andy Fillmore, and with federal environment minister Catherine McKenna as the guest of honour.