Dr. Julia Wright: University presidents cannot effectively lead academic institutions if they are made precarious by boards that overreach or can be significantly driven by the focuses and assumptions of their day-jobs, rather than by academic expertise and the urgent needs of our classrooms, our labs and studios, our libraries, and our province—the whole province, in all its rich complexity and diversity.

As our members are aware, Dalhousie University has decided to continue with their four-year plan to increase tuition by 3%, with international students bearing an additional $1473 per year. Through the survey we conducted and recent advocacy efforts, the DSU and its membership have made it clear that the temporary financial aids the University have implemented do not compensate for the increase in tuition.

Michael Cross, former Professor of History at Dalhousie University, passed away in September of this year. On December 6th, a large number of colleagues and students gathered with family and friends in memorial. Historian Todd McCallum reflects on the life of his friend and mentor.

Dr. Julia Wright: “We’ve been talking a lot about affordability this election. Let me tell you what that looks like in Halifax for those on short-term contracts or per-course contracts at one of our universities.”