Locking up people who are intoxicated is most often a bad idea. It criminalizes people who live with addictions and need help.. We spoke with Harry Critchley of the East Coast Prison Justice Society to understand the alternatives out there and the case he and Dr. Leah Genge will be making at Monday’s Halifax Board of Police Commissioners.

The East Coast Prison Justice Society is asking for submissions on the theme of deaths in custody — drawings, poems, links to related materials, to be part of a virtual vigil in remembrance of Soleiman Faqiri and all those who have died in custody.

On Wednesday March 13 Yusuf Faqiri will be in Halifax to talk about the death of his brother Soleiman, who lived with schizophrenia and was killed by guards while in solitary confinement in Ontario. Yusuf will speak about deaths in custody, the journey to justice for his brother, and the treatment of mental illness in Canada. Schulich School of Law, room 104, 7 PM.

A new statement on the peaceful Burnside prison protest by Sheila Wildeman & Hanna Garson (for East Coast Prison Justice Society). “We ask the Ministers of Justice and Health: How do they propose to show that they are listening? How do they propose to demonstrate their commitment to ensuring that conditions of confinement are improved to meet basic human rights standards?”