This is day 13 of Jacob Fillmore’s hunger strike. Here is his letter to Premier Iain Rankin: “I strongly believe that Nova Scotia could be a global climate leader. You have the power, and the responsibility, to lead Nova Scotia into a new era of climate action and respect for the natural environment. I hope you will do what must be done to protect future generations.”

Media release: As Jacob Fillmore enters his 9th day of hunger strike on the steps of
Province House, people are rallying to support his demand of an
immediate temporary moratorium on clearcutting on crown lands in Nova
Scotia. This moratorium would stop the destruction of critical habitat
until reforms intended to protect these areas could be fully

Forest protector Nina Newington continues her notes from court. “When a department is so broken it can’t meet its basic obligations, and when government and industry are so entwined that a mechanism supposed to give citizens a say is a sham, then what remains to those citizens.?”

A 1981 report “An Evaluation of Moose Habitat In South Western Nova Scotia” provides all the evidence one needs to understand that the area should not be logged, writes naturalist Bev Wigney.