We need a FULL BAN on evictions because of COVID19 and a rent grant program to help tenants pay off arrears and we need it NOW!At 12pm join here to learn how to get more involved and call-in to the Provincial government demanding they stop the upcoming wave of evictions

The coronavirus crisis is an absolute disaster for women in so many ways—work, income, personal safety, housing, family life. Judy Haiven takes a closer look.

Just want to share this Facebook post written by a mother who, with help from Adsum for Women and Children, is about to move into one of Adsum’s apartment units. This after 9 months of couch surfing, and despite the horrible pandemic that makes everything more difficult.

Howard Ramos, Alan Walks and Jill Grant on Canada’s rising neighborhood and income inequalities, further exposed through the COVID-19 crisis. “A better policy would be to immediately build social housing and affordable rental units. Governments should also continue pandemic-induced policies like limiting loopholes for eviction from commercial and private rental housing.”