Unionized staff of the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) who have been on strike for more than a week continue to call on the Management of the CLC to return to the bargaining table and negotiate a a fair deal with the staff and their union. Includes a link to a petition you could sign.

Dr. Fiona McQuarrie, author and Professor in the School of Business at the University of the Fraser Valley, on the strike by CLC workers across Canada, including here in Halifax. “As the organization that represents Canada’s labour movement nationally and internationally, the CLC also has a moral and ethical responsibility to demonstrate progressive and collaborative labour relations – to use an old cliché, to talk the talk and walk the walk,” she writes.

After nearly two years of negotiations with their employer members of the Canadian Union of Labour Representatives (IAMAW Local Lodge 3111 CULR), which represents the majority of staff at the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) have overwhelmingly rejected the most recent offer from the employer and will begin strike action at all offices of the Canadian Labour Congress this Tuesday.