Kendall checks up on several folks we met before to see how they are holding up during the second lock down. Altogether a lot better!

Moving away from a place where you weren’t happy, and to a place that is pleasant, where you live near a friend and where the caseworkers are more helpful makes a big difference to our old friend Daryl. His friend and roommate Darlene is equally doing well, Kendall Worth reports.

Kendall Worth: “You may think it a bit weird for me to talk about Christmas in October but many people on social assistance are already starting to develop a bit of anxiety thinking about how they are going to prepare for Christmas this year.”

Kendall Worth: Meet Jennifer, Donna, Tafiba, and Michelle , who have two things in common. They are interested in wanting to get back into the workforce and they have applied for a zillion jobs over these past couple of years and it seems that no one will hire them.