Judy Haiven takes a close look at Nova Scotia’s minimum wage, not only the 40 cents increase, but also who qualifies, how the minimum wage is set, where Nova Scotia fits in the grand scheme of things, and who all are affected.

Press release: Last year, Justin Trudeau promised “a federal minimum wage of at least $15 per hour, starting in 2020 and rising with inflation, with provisions to ensure that where provincial or territorial minimum wages are higher, that wage will prevail.” The year-end is quickly approaching, and yet there has been no movement to honour this commitment.

Danny Cavanagh: Our message to low wage employers is workers are understandably reluctant to accept the health risks of serving customers and possibly bringing COVID-19 home to their family. The safety for them and their family far outweighs working at a low wage job for a few hours a week on erratic scheduling, for minimum wage or a few pennies more.