Lana Payne, Atlantic Regional Director of Unifor, offers an exceptionally clear analysis of the teachers’ strike, what is driving Stephen McNeil, and what needs to be done to stop him. “We must be as relentless in our efforts as the Liberals have been in their attacks. And we must be extra vigilant in mobilizing, organizing and building solidarity. We simply have no choice.”

Not a good day for the government in its efforts to bully teachers into abandoning their fight for better working conditions and fair bargaining. Parents, teachers and students who rallied at Province House today are angrier than ever before, while the government beat a hasty retreat.

If you want to understand what teaching in Nova Scotia is all about, a good place to start is Teachers of Nova Scotia, a blog where teachers write about their job, their fears, their frustrations, and their love of teaching.

Teachers rallied in as many as 15 different locations in Nova Scotia today. The Nova Scotia Advocate attended a large protest at the constituency office of MLA Stephen Gough in Lower Sackville. Teachers are new at this protesting business, but they feel they the government left them no choice.