Pam Baker, who lives 10 minutes up the road from Owls Head, spoke at the large Owls Head rally earlier this month. “I firmly believe that the golf course and the promise of jobs is a smokescreen that covers up the land grab of one wealthy foreigner who has waged a campaign of buying up properties to create an oceanfront playground for himself and his family. And this present government engineered it, tried to hide it and used the people of the Eastern Shore in an old-fashioned game of bait and switch.”

News release: Mi’kmaw Grandmothers and members of the grassroots “Save Owls Head” movement will be hosting a rally at Victoria Park in Halifax on August 7 at 1:00 PM, calling on Nova Scotian voters to protect our provincial land and parks at the ballot box.

Journalist Brooklyn Connolly speaks with Chris Miller and others about the significance of the sighting of the rare leatherback sea turtle feeding in the waters off Owls Head Provincial Park. “When you’re working so hard to try and do something like protect Owls Head, just a moment for nature to look back at you and say ‘yeah’ – I think that’s really important,” says Katherine Martin of the Canadian Sea Turtle Network.