It’s Saturday, which means it’s time for another Matt Dempsey editorial cartoon. Iain Rankin is going back to school.

Dr. Elisabeth Kosters on the sale of Owls Head, and more. “Private profit never serves the public interest. All this is rape. Our lands are raped, our future sold. There will be devastatingly Silent Springs across our lands.”

Letter: We sincerely hope that Nova Scotia politicians re-think the Owls Head Provincial Park decision and do the right thing for our times and the planet. I often wonder why politicians can never admit to making a mistake. The sale of Owls Head Provincial Park is a mistake for our times and the future, but it is not too late to correct it.

This week’s editorial cartoon by cartoonist extraordinaire Matt Dempsey features PR person Karen White and lobbyist Michel Samson, about to give the premier’s office a green Eco make-over.