Angela Bowden read this terrific poem at the rally in support of Santina Rao, the young mother falsely accused of shoplifting at the Mumford Road Walmart and violently arrested by four police officers in front of her little children.

“And for all sixty years of their lives together every Christmas was more than Christmas because each one was imbued with the joy they’d felt that first Christmas Eve as they walked down that rural road, the snow, like grace, floating down around them.” Another lovely story by Catherine Banks, about poverty, love, and yes, Christmas.

Laura Slade talks with Megan Boudreau, who has vowed not to stop until abortion seekers are no longer harassed by demonstrators at the VG in Halifax. Boudreau tells her that she was “shocked to see the anti choice protesters out so often” and wonders how “such an open, cultural, and seemingly liberal community allows these anti choice protesters to harass people like this.”

“I know racial prejudice persists in our time. I encounter racism often. Yet, it still shakes me. It catches me by surprise, particularly when it comes from spaces least expected.” María José Yax-Fraser describes such an encounter, and considers how colonial stereotypes continue to be invoked in the present.