Senator Kim Pate: “This Prisoners’ Justice Day, and every day, let us honour those who have died, including as a result of COVID-19 and other illnesses and conditions that are preventable and treatable in our communities, and as a result of systemic silence, neglect, discrimination and violence.”

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – Last night I finally got to see the stunning and heart wrenching NFB documentary Conviction.  The documentary…

This looks great! Book launch of Professor Adelina Iftene’s first book, Punished for Aging: Vulnerability, Rights, and Access to Justice in Canadian Penitentiaries. The book tackles the challenges that older individuals in Canadian penitentiaries face and their struggles for justice while they’re living their “golden years” behind bars.

A few heartwrenching and rare photos taken during a recent fact-finding visit to East Coast prisons by members of the Senate Committee on Human Rights. Many more on the Senate of Canada website.