he Serious Incident Report Team (SIRT) has found that the killing of a civilian by RCMP police in Eastern Passage last summer was justified, given the circumstances. However, the SIRT summary report, as is so often the case, raises questions that remain unanswered. Meanwhile, media in Nova Scotia typically merely echo the SIRT conclusion.

It’s ok to violently assault a young Black mother, as long as she gets upset when she is accused of shoplifting. That’s the conclusion of the Serious Incident Response Team (SIRT) report on the arrest of Santina Rao at the Walmart in Halifax in January.

Stephen McNeil Stephen McNeil twists in the wind – while Nova Scotians ramp up their demand for an inquiry, writes Judy Haiven.

Bradley Thomas Clattenburg was killed by three police officers after he pointed a gun at them. Earlier we wrote about a resident in long term care facility who died of a heart attack while in a scuffle with a RCMP police officer. In both cases the person who died had severe mental health issues. SIRT, the agency that investigates these deaths, leaves too many questions unanswered. We need formal inquests.

Black activists write a letter asking that carding be stopped, and nobody in power wants to talk about it. No way, says the chief of police. Can’t have politicians telling the police what to do, says Stephen McNeil. “Fix the tool, don’t throw out the toolbox,” says mayor Savage.