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The panel is political. Ad Astra Comix visits Halifax

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – Ad Astra Comix, the Canadian publisher of comics with political and social justice themes, is coming to town.

On Thursday evening two members of the collective will come to the Halifax Central Library to talk about their excellent artwork and publishing ventures.

From Drawing the Line, artist Samidha Gunjal

“We were doing this fundraiser last year for an anthology of comics by women in India, it’s called Drawing the Line. In exchange for a certain level of support we told people we would go anywhere in North America to do a workshop,” says Nicole Burton, comic book artist and one of the driving forces behind the organization.

Halifax is the last stop on the six month road trip. During this time Burton, and writer Hugh Goldring crisscrossed the US and Canada.

“It was an incredible trip. We just wanted to have an opportunity to reach out and meet people involved in political activism and political art. And that’s what we did. We went to 25 different cities, and we learned about people’s struggles and histories. It was a real exchange,” says Burton.

From Extraction. Writing by Dawn Paley, comix by Joe Ollman

“Although very vibrant,  the world of political comics doesn’t always feel like a community, as a group of people who seek each other out for guidance and leadership and support,” Burton says. “So we are really trying to foster that.”

What should we expect on Thursday evening?

“It will be a mix of sharing cool art and hearing what we think are really interesting stories about how people are using comics to engage people politically,” says Burton.

Check out the Ad Astra website