Environment Inclusion Weekend Video

Weekend video. A’se’k, the other room

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – Boat Harbour, or A’sek,  Mi’kmaq for the other room, is a documentary about the transformation of Boat Harbour from a beautiful body of water, great for swimming, fishing and hunting, to a poisoned dumping ground for first Scott Paper, and now Northern Pulp.

“[Scott Paper] fooled us,” elder Carl Thomas says in the documentary. “They told us that it would not be polluted and ever since they established this deal on Boat Harbour, within days the water turned black.”

“I think we need to move away from this area altogether, and maybe come back 500 years from now,” says Sarah Francis.

The documentary was made by Christian Francis and Haley Bernard, two young Mi’kmaq who grew up in Pictou Landing First Nation, under the guidance of Barry Bernard of Ni’newey Video Productions.

“What do I miss most about the place? The fun and the beauty. It used to be a very beautiful place,” says Molly Denny.

Check it out.

For more context, read Boat Harbour victim impact statement. A story of deception and broken promises