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Weekend Video: I grew up in Dartmouth, Guyleigh Johnson

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) –  This weekend we feature spoken word poet Guyleigh Johnson, with a spoken word poem about North Dartmouth.

You know home is where the heart is
 Here is where I feel safe
 Stabbings left bodies encased
 But that's not how I tell my story
 They always tell the bad before the good
 That's what it's like in the hood
 You hear about deaths, court dates and fights
 About how little Kevin just got life
 But they never say
 Did you know so-and-so just graduated
 That's the part I always hated

excerpt-expect-the-unexpected-guyleigh-johnsonGuyleigh Johnson recently published Expect the unexpected – Voices from the North Endher first collection of spoken word poetry. She’s young, we will hear more from her. It’s good.

I bought my copy at Bookmark. It’s published by Pottersfield Press. And it is in a bookstore near you.

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