For this installment of Lives on Welfare we publish a letter by a middle-aged man who is on social assistance and lives with Crohn’s disease. He relates two experiences with Community Services while he was pursuing an education. His first story is about a tutor he didn’t need, the second one is about the computer he did need.

Check out this weekend’s video on the Halifax Media Co-op, shot in 2009. Of course the HMC is now on hiatus. I say, let a hundred Bousquets and Googoos bloom.

Issues around affordable housing in rural Nova Scotia are not the same as those in Halifax or even Sydney. Rural housing advocates from across Nova Scotia are getting together this month to exchange ideas and hopefully lay the foundation for a more coordinated approach to advocacy in the future.

Ken Summers takes the pulse of the Alton Gas project in light of the company’s recent announcement that it will not begin its brining operation this year. The company’s future here doesn’t look quite as bright as it did say three years ago. It’s what happens when you’re not welcome.

Forget about meeting clearcutting targets for 2016. A freedom of information request by the provincial NDP caucus suggests clearcutting may well be on the increase.

Tenants of Harbour City Homes on Brunswick Street don’t know that their landlord is up to. Last summer the not-for-profit was forced to sell nine buildings and 34 affordable housing units were lost to the North End. Are things going better now? Having a seat on the Board of Directors would answer such questions, tenants suggest. Right now the company isn’t talking.