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Weekend video: Carry me home

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – I had this weekend’s video all picked and ready to go. Something really good, but grim, bound to leave you angry.

Well, I changed my mind. There’s always next week.

Instead, today we feature a documentary about a grown man painting a really big butterfly on a wall.  

Carry me home is about Mi’kmaq artist Alan Syliboy as he paints his mural in the Halifax International Airport.

Syliboy’s mural is beautiful, and Syliboy himself is a remarkable man. Director Nance Ackerman is a master of her art, and the humanity and tenderness of the airport scenes is very touching.

Music is by Jamie Alcorn and Syliboy’s own band Lone Cloud

You should really consider watching this, even if you didn’t plan to.  Ten minutes is all it takes.


We can’t get enough of Ackerman’s work. This is the third time we feature one of her documentaries on the Nova Scotia Advocate.

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