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KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – The Nova Scotia Advocate needs your help. Readership is up by a lot, but we can do even better.

We already have a solid group of very generous monthly supporters, while others make a donation when they have money to spare, but it’s no longer enough.

More and more people write for us, and we want to pay them, because that’s only fair. Donations are our only source of income, because paywalls are not for us. So many of our readers are on low incomes. “For the price of a cup of coffee” doesn’t cut it when you can’t afford food, let alone a cup of coffee…

So if you like what we do, if you appreciate the topics we cover, the stories about welfare, racism, labour, and so on, please consider becoming  a monthly sponsor, or making  a one time donation. As little as $2 a month will buy you our eternal gratitude.

Click here to see some of the stories that we paid for in 2017. Donations also helped a budding citizen reporter buy a computer and a recorder.

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Robert DeVet