The Nova Scotia Advocate turns two

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – The Nova Scotia Advocate turns two years old today.  Here is a suggestion for a great birthday present.

This year we more than doubled our 2016 visitor numbers, solid numbers for a two-year old social justice news site in a tiny province. All signs point to further growth in the coming year.

We give voice to people you seldom hear from in other media outlets, and we  push stories that nobody else would consider. Last year we paid $6,000 to our authors, we published 400 stories, and 49 different writers contributed.

We’re growing, we’re doing good work, but in a way we’re punching above our weight, and I worry that without sound financial support we’ll miss an opportunity to make a difference in this province.

People talk to me stories that should be heard all the time. Some of those stories we end up telling, others we drop because of a lack of resources. I hate that.

Running this website and paying our authors a decent amount costs money. We’ll never have a paywall, we don’t like walls. We’ll never make much from advertising. That’s why we so desperately need our financial supporters’ help. More money means more writers, and more complete coverage of news that matters to ordinary people.

Please support our much needed progressive voice in Nova Scotia.



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  1. Could you please explain why you refuse to advocate for children and their families who have been destroyed needlessly and without any evidence of neglect or abuse by our Child Welfare System …better known as the Children’s Aid Society ???????
    What cause could be better than this ???

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