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News release and video: Smiling Goat workers to file mass complaint over unpaid wages at Nova Scotia Labour Standards

Video courtesy of Tony Tracy

The Smiling Goat Baristas are still owed thousands of dollars.

The owner, Kit Singh, is ignoring phone calls and emails from his current and former employees.  Many former workers don’t know where to turn or how to hold Kit accountable.

This Friday a sizable group of current and former workers will host a press conference about the situation, encouraging every former employee who is owed money to come forward.  This group will then collectively go to the Labour Standards division to file numerous legal complaints on the matter.


On March 23rd, workers for all 6 Smiling Goat locations came out publicly about the ongoing issue of unpaid wages, and about the unionization drive that saw a 100% turnout.

Since the union vote, workers have been setting up information pickets, speaking to the media and politicians, and holding rallies in a struggle to force the owner, Kit Singh, to respect the most basic fundamental rules of operating a business; paying workers for their labour.

The issue of unpaid wages is actually becoming worse as new paycheques keep bouncing and Kit continues to stall on his obligations.

The employer has given many excuses, ranging from banking errors to issues with his accountant, to being simply being on vacation and logistically unable to address the issue remotely.

At this point many workers are owed wages in the thousands of dollars, and Kit is ignoring calls and emails from his current and former employees


Darius Mirshahi | Organizer | SEIU Local 2 / Justice 4 Janitors

163 Wyse Road, Dartmouth, NS  B3A 1M5