Monday, 20 August 2018

The YWCA Halifax has issued a statement about the Halifax smoking ban, an they don’t mince words. “The proposed smoking by-law will disproportionately affect Halifax’s Black, Indigenous, homeless, and poor citizens. It is, in effect, a social policy whose outcome is to criminalize the poor and increase scrutiny and risk into their lives.”

“The fact is this is not about risk, it is about ideology. The credit union has chosen to jump on the dump-DB-pension-plan bandwagon. The action by the employer completely fails to recognize the years and years that employees either took concessions or accepted less in order to maintain a decent pension plan and each time they showed their ability to work with the employer.”

Tonight, July 17, at City Hall Council Chamber, the final public hearing for the Schmidtville Heritage Conservation District will take place. “It’s been a long, long time coming,” says Friends of Schmidtville spokesperson Larry Haiven, professor emeritus at Saint Mary’s University, “We made our initial application in 2009. But we’re very glad it’s almost over.

PSA: Along with many of you, the Sexual Health Centre of Cumberland County is deeply concerned that our county is the intended location for a religious gathering that will educate attendees, including youth, that homosexuality is a sin.