In Halifax, Nova Scotia, today, on Saturday, May 15th, we are providing the community with the answer to that question and the historical context of the Nakba. This will be done so with a panel discussion of 6 individuals, whom all have fought vehemently for Palestinian rights in Canada. The discussion will be moderated by Rana Zaman.

Press release: ight prominent environmental groups from across the country are urging federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change Jonathan Wilkinson and the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada to ensure that Pieridae Energy’s proposed Goldboro Liquefied Natural Gas export facility project (Goldboro LNG) undergoes a comprehensive, up-to-date federal impact assessment.

Media release: The Halifax Workers Action Centre (“Halifax-WAC”) says the Liberal Government’s plan to provide a reimbursement to employers for providing paid sickness leave to employees is a move in the right direction, but the plan falls far short of what Nova Scotia workers need.

Media release: Protest coordinator, Angela Bowden, the Dlamini family and the citizens of Nova Scotia would like to see the court ruling for house arrest for Shawn Wade Hynes be increased to jail time to reflect the seriousness of the crime. The deliberate attempted murder on Nhlanhla Dlamini’s life was a violent, racist hate crime and it should have been treated as such.