As if owing workers’ wages and not living up to the terms of a collective agreement isn’t messy enough, now Kit Singh, the owner of six Smiling Goat cafes in Halifax, is accused of firing a worker for speaking out about not getting paid.

News release: Karin Jones, a Vancouver-based artist of African-Nova Scotian and German descent, is presenting her MFA thesis work in an exhibition which opens at NSCAD University’s Anna Leonowens Gallery in Halifax, NS, on April 3, 2018, running until April 14. The new work, called simply body of work is a series of objects of adornment referencing restraints used during the period of the enslavement of African peoples in the Americas.

Lynn Jones, who helped organize the protests in support of the unjustly fired Founders Square janitors, is very happy about how Halifax responded to her call for action. But she is angry about the way the unfair treatment of Black workers was sanitized in much of the local press. Reporters, grow some spine, she says, and ask some follow-up questions rather than just write down what the Armour Group and the new cleaning contractor tell you.

Alex Kronstein on the #AgentofChangeNS campaign by Autism Nova Scotia. Although well intended, it does not go far enough, he suggests. In order to be a real “agent of change”, he lists many other things that radical activist autistics would recommend as well.