Frequent contributor Alex Kronstein continues his exploration of autism and neurodiversity. Think of autistic culture as “our shared history, the way autistic people move, communicate, create, experience and understand the world around us in uniquely autistic ways.”

Sure it’s Monday, but stuff happened over the weekend, and we’re running a bit late. Didn’t want to miss an opportunity to put a plug in for this year’s Mayworks Festival, which starts tomorrow .

People in Guysborough County continue to push for a more open and democratic council. On April 18th the Guysborough Communities Coalition met with the Warden to once again ask for changes in the way council conducts its business. Warden Pitts indicated he will get back to the group. We will keep you posted.

A few heartwrenching and rare photos taken during a recent fact-finding visit to East Coast prisons by members of the Senate Committee on Human Rights. Many more on the Senate of Canada website.

Open letter to Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin written on behalf of the Jamaican Cultural Association of Nova Scotia in response to her recent statement on marijuana use in the Legislature. “Your words have wounded us deeply, by saying this I am reflecting the thoughts of the membership of the Jamaican Cultural Association of Nova Scotia (JCANS).” Smith-McCrossin has since apologized.

Nova Scotia’s George Dixon was what you call a trailblazer. First Black boxing champion, period. First champ to regain his title after losing it. First person to be champion of more than one weight class. We’re talking late 1800s, early 1900s, a time of relentless racism. Here’s a video of one of his fights, and a bonus link to a wonderful website with everything Africvile.