Racism Weekend Video

Weekend Video: Doug Knockwood – Indian Residential School

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – News that highly respected elder Dr. Freeman Douglas (Doug) Knockwood has died is sure to deeply sadden all who knew him.

Click here to watch Doug Knockwood – Residential School on Vimeo

A horrific stay at residential School, addiction, and colonialism, tried to destroy him. It came close, but didn’t succeed. If anything, it made him stronger.

Just last month Fernwood published Stories, Memories, Reflections, by Doug Knockwood and friends.

In this weekend’s wonderful short video Doug Knockwood talks about his father’s determination to get him and and his brother Ralph out of Residential School.

He helped many people, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous, in their recoveries. He will not be forgotten.

Click here to watch Doug Knockwood – Residential School on Vimeo

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