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Weekend video: Missing women

There are women missing from this page.
Their names have been erased.
Those girls – gazelle-like, plodding, fiery –
Who married men and vanished
into kitchens, laundries, nurseries
We’ve lost their sisters too,
Either chaste or fallen,
to the convents of oblivion.
Those other girls who spoke too loudly,
dressed too brightly, thought too boldly


KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – This weekend’s weekend video is Missing Women”, based on a stunning poem by Mad poet and filmmaker Anna Quon. The poem lists some of the ways women have gone missing from history, culture and their own lives, and names some of those women and girls to help us remember them.

Anna Quon is a middle-aged, mobility-impaired, mixed-race Mad woman living in Dartmouth. She is the author of two novels released by Invisible Publishing  (Migration Songs in 2009 and Low in 2013), numerous poetry chapbook zines and a few little films.

Earlier this month the Nova Scotia Advocate published Anna’s poem Missing meds.

You really should watch this.


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