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News release: My Week on Welfare comes to Lower Sackville on November 22

“My Week on Welfare” is a documentary about the state of the welfare system in Nova Scotia.  Filmmaker (and former welfare recipient) Jackie Torrens chronicles the stories of several welfare recipients.

CASAR (The Community Agenda for Social Assistance Adequacy and Reform) invites you to join us for a free screening of this eye opening documentary.  

Fiona Traynor from Dal Legal Aid will be hosting the evening. Following the documentary, you will hear from Aron Spidle, who appears in the documentary, and other advocates and first voices currently dealing with Nova Scotia’s ESIA (Employment Assistance and Income Support) program.

We then turn the floor over to our audience to share their stories or ask a question. This documentary looks at the reality of life on income assistance, and we invite you to share your reality.

This event is open to everyone. This is your night to use your voice.

My Week on Welfare screening
Thursday, November 22nd, 6:30 PM
Sackville Public Library
636 Sackville Dr, Lower Sackville, NS 

#RaiseTheRates  #FacesOfNSWelfare