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Weekend video double bill: Canadian Labour International Film Festival and Bluenose-Ability Film Festival

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – We’re presenting two trailers this weekend, to celebrate the occurrence of two excellent film festivals this week.

When I write a sentence like that I always feel so pleased to live in this wonderful city.

The first one is the Canadian Labour International Film Festival on Wednesday November 28. It’s a mini festival of Labour shorts curated by CLIFF and presented by Mayworks Halifax.  It’s the festival’s tenth anniversary.

With only one out of the seven shorts from Canada, the focus is definitely international, and I must say the line up looks very good.

The trailer I picked is Kampung Tapir, a 17-minute short from Indonesia/Malaysia about migration.

As migrant workers Anne, and her husband leave for Singapore, their bus hits a wild Malayan tapir crossing the road, but no one is eager to save it. In the struggle of choosing a country to settle down in, Anne finds that she is like this endangered species, drifting between places to find a better life.

The Bluenose-Ability Film Festival, Atlantic Canada’s only disability film festival, runs from November 29 to December 3rd.  It features shorts and full length movies, workshops and panels.

NS Advocate contributors Paul Vienneau and Alex Kronstein both take part in the festival, as does one of our favourite poets, Anna Quon.

On November 30 Paul will lead a panel discussion focused on accessibility in film and the arts, while both Alex and Anna have a short in the line-up.

The trailer we picked is for the full length Singing to Myself, a 2016 Atlantic Film Festival selection, about a young deaf woman living in Prince Edward Island and the precocious musician who comes into her life.

The movie stars Sophie MacLean and Bryde MacLean, with music by Jenn Grant.

All events and screenings for the Bluenose-Ability festival are free. The Mayworks event is pay-what-you-can. I told you Halifax is a wonderful city!


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