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PSA: Trudeau visit. Anti-Black racism cuts deep rally

Tomorrow (Thursday Feb. 21), Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is coming to Halifax to apologize for anti-black remarks made on Parliament Hill. We stand firmly behind the youth who have called out this despicable overt and systemically racist interaction and continue to shed light on the anti-black racism that is entrenched in this country.

The community is adamant that this visit should not happen behind closed doors without an outcry from the Nova Scotia Black Community and others across the country. We continue to be mistreated and denied our proper place in this society and even the Prime Minister does not respect us.

Trudeau had many opportunities to meaningfully engage with our communities on issues of anti-Black racism such as when declaring Canada’s support, 3 years late, for the International Decade of People of African Descent and yet we see nothing to support this declaration. The inter-generational and continuous mistreatment of our First Nation, Métis, and Inuit family directly impacts our community. International and global relations such as our country being led into to an illegal ousting of a democratically elected government in Venezuela, also impacts our community.

Trudeau has refused to declare slavery as a crime against humanity and to offer an apology for the atrocities of the Atlantic Slave trade, slavery and colonialism.

400+ years of entrenched and systemic anti-black racism, 4 years in power, and just now we’re getting a visit behind closed doors?

Anti-black racism cuts deep. Any apology without payment and full restitution is shallow.

Everyone is welcome to join us outside the Black Cultural Centre at 1:30PM. Bring your signs, posters, banners, and friends.

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