All too often it’s a foregone conclusion when government decides to outsource a service. But the cleaners at CFB Greenwood and CFB Kingston, Ontario, fought back, and they won. Here is how they did it.

Join us at Saint Mary’s University Halifax for this #AfricanHeritageMonth panel discussion. Speakers Dr. Lynn Jones, Delvina Bernard and Francesca Ekwuyasi will look at Nova Scotia and South Africa to explore overlaps, intersections and variations in Black freedom struggles, apartheid and institutionalized racism

Halifax Council’s intention to limit this year’s property tax increase to 1.9% will lead to a sizeable reduction in staff, Halifax head librarian and CEO Åsa Kachan told the Council’s budget committee on Friday. That inevitably means programs and services will be impacted, she said. Councillors will make a decision later this month. Maybe it’s time to give your councillor a call.

John Collins raises more questions on Northern Pulp’s plan to pipe effluents out to the Northumberland Strait. “There came a point in time, when the environment outweighed the economy, it has passed.”

The time is now for you to provide feedback on the Northern Pulp Effluent Proposal. Matt Dort offers a potential framework to help you organize your responses.

A book about slavery in Nova Scotia, North to Bondage: Loyalist slavery in the Maritimes, by professor Harvey Amani Whitfield, shows how ownership of enslaved Blacks was widespread in the Maritime provinces, and a major contributor to its economic viability. In a way it’s an invitation for white Nova Scotians to start a serious conversation about reparations.