Scott Domenie reflects on the Christchurch terror attack. “Anger is a gift. It is powerful and anyone who fights for a more just and equal world should not shy away from it. However, what we need now is the collective rage of people and communities working together, and who have each other’s back.”

Media release: Community members in Halifax will mark the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination with a rally in support of migrant justice beginning at 4:30pm on Thursday, March 21st. The rally takes place outside of the Halifax Convention Centre (1650 Argyle St), site of the 21st National Metropolis Conference for those working in the field of immigration and settlement in Canada.

Through the so-called Student Choice Initiative, introduced by Premier Doug Ford’s government on January 17, post-secondary students in Ontario will have the ability to opt out of paying fees for democratically voted-on student services In solidarity with students in Ontario, and recognizing the dangerous precedent this could set for students across the country, students have released a letter calling for legislaiton to be passed in Nova Scotia protecting students unions.

We talk with an older woman on income assistance who, as a result of a cut to her special needs allowance, has lost her ability to go to medical appointments and grocery trips. But we saved the tax payer some $50 a month. This is what austerity looks like in Nova Scotia.

Kendall reports on meeting Lori and Dave (not their real names), a couple struggling to get by on income assistance and faced with isolation.