Media release Racism

PSA: Racism is here and now: A walk for justice

Many thing are negatively impacting African Nova Scotians including

  1. Lack of Human Rights
  2. A Two-Tiered Justice System or Just Us
  3. Reparation Not Forth Coming
  4. Poverty for Profit
  5. Unemployment and Under=Employment
  6. Physical and Mental Acts of Hatred
  7. Environmental Racism, Land, Air and Water
  8. No economic empowerment  
  9. Lack of Afrocentric Educational Empowerment
  10. Over Representation in Prison Populations
  11. Cardiovascular disease and cancer,
  12. Systematic Inequality,
  13. Lack of Culturally Sensitive Mental Health Programs and Services and Limited Access to Services Available to The General Population
  14. African Nova Scotians Work Harder But Earn Less
  15. Contributions Made by African Nova Scotians to Nova Scotia and Indeed Canada are Distorted If Mentioned At All.
  16. Youth Recreation in African Nova Scotian Communities is basically Non Existent
  17. Lack of Afrocentric Seniors Programs in Nursing Homes (Long Care Facilities)
  18. Taxes Paid are Not Being Used in African Nova Scotian Communities
  19. African Nova Scotians Are Not Being Promoted to Leadership Positions in Employment
  20. Tokenism, etc.

On Friday May 17, 2019, a “March for Justice” will be held in Halifax to bring attention to the above and more. This peaceful march is scheduled to begin at Maritime Mall (1592 Barrington Street) and travel to The Dept. of Justice Building 1690 Hollis Street Halifax. Nova Scotia with a number of speakers.

We are calling on all Youth, African Nova Scotian Communities Members, Social Justice Groups, Activists, Churches, Organizations, 1st Nations, Unions and Allies in Nova Scotia and beyond: We, the Core Group of African Nova Scotians (CGANS) and Allies of New Glasgow and Halifax need your help, support and Activism to bring about change. 

Racial Justice, Equality, Human Rights, Poverty, the Rights of Workers, Anti Black Racism, Hate and Hate Crimes in Canada and around the World affect all of us. We have been suffering the effects of these traumas for far too long and the price is too high to remain silent and allow it to continue without a collective response in an effort to change the things we can no longer accept!  

We invite you to take part in this active effort to secure Justice for our Elders, Youth, Our future generations, Our Adult Population and all Persons of Color. 

For more information, please reply to this email: