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POSTPONED: Alton Gas Monday action – Highway Slowdown


Please join us on Monday, April 15 @ 12:00pm noon on the highway at Exit 11 in Stewiake for a highway slowdown where we will be passing out information pamphlets regarding Alton Gas Project.

This is a direct action demonstrating our continued resistance to the Alton Gas Project. Our aim is to raise awareness & support from the general public of the threat this project poses to our water, fish, medicines, habitat & all living things.

“We aren’t here to irritate we are here to educate.”

Please bring your drums, signs/banners and love for the water.

RSVP via facebook here.



Call Stephen MacNeil, NS Environment Minister Margaret Miller and the ECCC and let them know what you think of this project and the government’s recent treatment of water protectors.

Margaret Miller, Minister of the Environment, MLA for Hants East constituency office: 902-883-3465 (if you are a constituent)

8 Old Enfield Rd, Enfield

Halifax office: 902-424-3600

Stephen MacNeil, Premier

Halifax office: 902-424-6600

ECCC: Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Tel: (613) 993-0999