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Tundè Balogun: The story of Blackface a.k.a. Justin

If you have followed The Objective News Agency over the last year, you’ll know what an anti-Black racist white supremacist is. Justin Trudeau fit that description perfectly. His policies have been nothing short of anti-Black, and his MP’s -especially in Nova Scotia- particularly Scott Brison and Andy Fillmore have fulfilled those policies brilliantly.

Trudeau’s political rise came over a decade ago, with his leadership and prime-ministerial victories based on “Sunny Ways.” Not only a new way of doing politics but embodying and completing the “post-racial” multicultural mindset put forth by his father almost 50 years ago. Those of us whose parents immigrated to Canada during the first Trudeau era, remember our elders singing the praises of the Liberal party.

However, the sons and daughters of those same immigrants seen this for what it actually was. Canada needed those bodies to fill the jobs “Old Stock” Canadians didn’t want. Cleaning their toilets, driving cabs and any other menial job that needed to be filled. To ensure this, the academic degrees our elders came with were considered inferior. So the nurse had to settle with being nurses aid, the engineer reduced to manual labour. The Schools were littered with old stock teachers with racist mindsets, with the public housing units given to shelter our families, infused with a heavy-handed police presence and tactics. Law enforcement, given absolute power to throw us in jail cells, built in rural communities, rejuvenating old stock Canadians employment from the decaying manufacturing sector.

Regardless of the struggle, our elders maintained their faith and preached the gospel of Jesus, Trudeau and the Liberal party. They never wavered, even when our communities starved economically, while the Liberals boondoggled billions of dollars to their corporate and social-political allies. When times were lean – which was often- blame was put on vote splitting allowing those pesky “racist” Tories, -who hated immigrants and Black people especially- to attain power.

After it seemed like an eternity living under the Reform/Canadian Alliance/ Progress Conservative/ Conservative devils, the long passed away god that was Pierre Trudeau, from death, bestowed his begotten Son, the Messiah, Justin. Though “Sunny Ways” he blinded the foolish, but those who survived the crack epidemic, incarceration and racist schools knew what this was. We knew he was no Messiah, as we saw his type before. Similar to what we have seen growing up and had to endure all these years. White privilege at its finest. Justin was simply a rich white kid that got his daddy’s job.

We saw him put forth billions of infrastructure spending when Black men and women were virtually excluded from labour unions. He claimed to be a feminist, while berating our sister Celina Ceasar-Chavannes behind closed doors, and publicly shamed Jody Wilson-Raybould for refusing to participate in unethical behaviour. We have seen his entire Nova Scotia federal caucus dismiss the dire conditions of Foundational Black Canadians (African Nova Scotians). He allowed Scott Brison to have personal relationships with Irving Shipbuilding while disregarding the communities’ cries of the conglomerate. He condoned Andy Fillmore giving millions to white-owned companies, while shamefully posing in Afrikville, calling the Foundational Blacks resilient. He oversaw MP’s that give trinkets and butter biscuits to so-called Black organizations that act as gatekeepers to the larger Black Community. He never once uttered the word reparations for Foundational Blacks that were brought as slaves and helped build the province with no compensation. He permitted police forces across the country to target Black communities without even a stern word.

His latest scandal comes as no surprise for members of intelligent Black society, for we are all too familiar with anti-Black racism white supremacy. We understand that the white supremacist with a smile is just as dangerous as the one with a scowl. We understand, that racism is economic, and this latest scandal of Black/Brown face is the actions of a man with an iron grip on the institutions that choke the life out of us daily.

The Objective is non-partisan. Our position is -and always will be- that as Black people we don’t vote, we take IQ Tests. Voting for a candidate or party that has not called you by name and not offered you anything tangible is a genocidal process. As we now understand that it is our duty to obtain political and economic tangibles for the future generation. We must not fall to the error of our elders. 

Tundè Balogun started The Objective after seeing how the mainstream media portrays and stereotypes Black people and their communities. Follow the Objective News Agency on Facebook.

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  1. As Black Canadian’s we are dammed if we do, and dammed if we don’t. The struggle will go on, but one day we as a people will be free from this mental torture of consistently being racially profiled and harassed by the white privileged elite, then we’re undermined in a society that condones this hateful behaviour which only adds insult to the injuries. All Black people know that if we wore white paint on our faces and even tried to portray another race, we would have gotten our asses handed to us by our parents. This stuff (hate), is taught in the home, we as a people don’t engage in this type of behaviour, nor do we shoot up schools. This is the profile of a dominant race of (white)people, but we are perceived as the threat and should be feared. Canada’s dirty little secrets. Shameful.

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