Media release Racism

PSA: Truro Town Council meeting(s) critical to our Truro Black community

Wednesday, Sept 25th ,  and Monday, October 7

Truro council chambers, Prince St

WHEN: 5pm

The mayor has agreed to submit a resolution for council consideration that the Council engage in talks with the Truro Black Community to develop an action plan that addresses the racism and discrimination against Black people in the town of Truro.


It is imperative we attend this pre council meeting Wednesday to show our solidarity for the plan and to REGISTER OUR NAMES IF WE WISH  TO SPEAK ON THE TOPIC  at the regular council meeting on Monday, OCTOBER  7th, 1pm.  Wednesday (tomorrow) is the only opportunity to register to speak. It also gives us an opportunity to speak with all town Counsellors to encourage them to support, through their vote, our resolution.

By the way, written submissions will also be accepted.

PLEASE SHARE QUICKLY AND WIDELY ON FACEBOOK, by email and talk to those that are not attached to electronics, especially our elders.

(Via Dr. Lynn Jones)