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Letter: The clock is ticking

Photo Robert Devet

It comes as no surprise that our generation has failed in its environmental stewardship, both in Nova Scotia and Canada. Looking at the current, critical crisis facing us around the world, it’s obvious our generation lacks a much needed vision or action plan. Rather than making positive change, we continue to ignore the scientific warnings research delivers. It is a dysfunctional environmental attitude shared among citizens, political leaders and government policies.

Today we’re witnessing the collective, angry voices of young people and children worldwide. All demanding immediate environmental policy reform and change. Whether the discussion is global warming, climate change, pollution, fossil fuels, single-use plastics, these young people have recognized that in this global society our generation has failed them.

Global warming and climate change are not just worldwide issues. Here in the Maritimes they are very real and threatening. Sea levels across the Atlantic region are rising at a pace unparalleled in modern times. Severe storms, such as Hurricane Dorian are becoming more intense as a result of global warming. One only has to look at the fragile Isthmus of Chignecto between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, or rising sea levels around our province now threatening many towns and villages, to understand how loud our environmental clock is ticking.

We need to reassess our basic core values as well as raise these important environment issues with every politician we communicate with at the federal, provincial and municipal levels. There is an important federal election this month. An election not just about issues such as unemployment, taxes, energy, marginalized people, healthcare, and education; but also around critical environmental issues too. I suggest first and foremost, the environmental survival of our province and country should be the central focus of this election.

When you vote on Oct 21, vote for the leader and party you feel are most committed to the protection and strengthening a future sustainable environment for Nova Scotia and Canada.

Alexander Bridge

Boylston, NS