Alexander Bridge on the covid-vaccine: ” It is time to understand the science-based evidence of this pandemic and trade fear driven by social media for good common sense.”

Alexander Bridge on the climate emergency and elections: “Today we’re witnessing the collective, angry voices of young people and children worldwide. All demanding immediate environmental policy reform and change. Whether the discussion is global warming, climate change, pollution, fossil fuels, single-use plastics, these young people have recognized that in this global society our generation has failed them. ”

Letter of concern by Guysborough resident (and frequent NS Advocate contributor) Alexander Bridge, re this year’s glyphosate spraying program, in Guysborough County and elsewhere, announced earlier this summer. “As a resident of Boylston, Nova Scotia, allow me to share my concerns and extreme disappointment with our provincial government’s weak forestry regulations.”

People in Guysborough County continue to push for a more open and democratic council. On April 18th the Guysborough Communities Coalition met with the Warden to once again ask for changes in the way council conducts its business. Warden Pitts indicated he will get back to the group. We will keep you posted.