Policy analyst extraordinaire Richard Starr takes a close look at Liberal claims that the party is fully committed to affordable housing and is making a difference. “Not only is the National Housing Strategy many days late, its more than a few dollars short, perhaps even less effective in creating affordable housing than the Harper-era programs it’s replacing. ”

Today I went to Pictou to hear the Shawn Wade Hynes verdict. Hynes is the guy who shot a high velocity nail gun at young co-worker Nhlanhla Dlamini. I don’t think most white people understood how important a case it was for many in the African Nova Scotian community, nor the surprise and tremendous relief that was felt when Hynes was found guilty of criminal negligence and assault with a weapon.

Brenda Thompson, author of the excellent “A Wholesome Horror, Poor Houses of Nova Scotia”, was sent a bit of on an oral history account of the life of an entire family forced into a Nova Scotia poor house sometime before World War II. “He said he never knew nothing about his family as he was taken away from his parents and siblings at such a young age. He thought he was all alone.”

PSA: The verdict in the Nhlanhla Dlamini case will be rendered by Judge Del Atwood on Thursday September 26 @ 1:30 pm at the Provincial court house in Pictou. Please come join us while we support Nhlanhla and his family .