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PSA: Water Not Gold: Counter-campaign to the Nova Scotia Gold Show, Oct 18-20, 2019

Please pass this info on – we would like to get as many people as possible out to the Oct 18th Rally at the Alt Hotel/Halifax AirPort 11:30-1:30 !


This campaign is supported by the Nova Scotia Environmental Network, the Atlantic Chapter of the Sierra Club Foundation, Ecology Action Center, St. Mary’s River Association, Sustainable Northern Nova Scotia, East Coast Environmental Law and Eastern Shore Forest Watch Association.

-Oct.18: Rally outside the Alt Hotel to protest the Nova Scotia Gold Show (11:30am-1:30pm)

-Oct.19: Halifax book launch and panel on sustainable alternatives to mining at St. Andrews United Church (1-430pm). “Unearthing Justice -How to protect your Community from the Mining Industry” by Joan Kuyek a community-focused mining analyst and co founder of Mining Watch Canada

-Oct.20: Tatamagouche Book Launch (2-4pm) at Tata Library.

BACKGROUND: The Government of Nova Scotia is actively supporting the expansion of gold mining in the Eastern and North Shores, encompassing at least 7 major watersheds and 36 communities. Proposed and existing exploration and exploitation projects have been imposed upon communities without prior or proper consultation. There is currently no requirement that watersheds be protected from mining activities. The Mining Association of Nova Scotia is even lobbying against safeguards afforded by protected and wilderness areas, including a sacred site to the Mi’kmaq, Kluskap Mountain in Cape Breton.

-ACTION: Do you care about the health of our land, air, water, forests, flora and fauna? Yes? Then come take a stand against destructive open-pit gold mining in unceded Mi’kma’ki!

-Join growing grassroots network of Mi’kmaw and settler organizers in our two-day WATER NOT GOLD counter-campaign to the “Nova Scotia Gold Show” (http://tmans.ca/goldshow). The Gold Show is a closed event for mining industry representatives and investors sponsored by the Government of Nova Scotia, in partnership with the Mining Association of Nova Scotia and the Nova Scotia Prospectors Association.

-Mineral extraction is an issue of substantial public interest. The provincial government cannot have these conversations behind closed doors any longer: civil society and sovereign Mi’kmaw communities must be included and consulted. Come raise your democratic voice and join us for a rally at outside the Alt Hotel on Friday, October 18 at 11:30am (arrive at 11:15 and bring your signs, if you can!). Join a carpool to the rally here: https://www.groupcarpool.com/t/84uco7 or email WaterNotGold2019@gmail.com for a bus ticket (Halifax Transit Route 320). Airport parking reimbursement is also available.

BUT, we are not just ‘anti-mining’; we are PRO-sustainable development, PRO-community self-determination and PRO-Indigenous sovereignty. The following day, on Saturday, October 19, we will holding two events at St. Andrew’s United Church in Halifax: at 1:00pm, Co-founder of MiningWatch Canada Joan Kuyek will be launching her new book, “Unearthing Justice: How to Protect your Community from the Mining Industry,” followed by a panel on sustainable alternatives to mining, featuring:

– Heather Johannesen of the Centre for Local Prosperity

– Peter Puxley of the Campaign to Protect Offshore Nova Scotia

– John Perkins of Sustainable Northern Nova Scotia.

For more info email WaterNotGOld2019@gmail.com or SuNNSmovement@gmail.com