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PSA: BPH presents Margaret Kimberley live in Halifax

Check the Facebook event for up to date information!

Room 302 in the DALHOUSIE SUB

No Harbour for War and BPH present Margaret Kimberley, senior editor of the Black Agenda report. Margaret will be speaking on THE STRUGGLE FOR THE FUTURE: Racism, Imperialism and Ecological Collapse. The keynote will be followed by a panel.

Margaret Kimberley’s talk takes place on the occasion of the Halifax International Security Forum. She will address the need for a strong anti-war movement on the left, the importance of building an anti-war Black grassroots struggle, and the intersections of race, war, poverty, and imperialism.

People are invited to join No Harbour For War at 1pm in Peace and Freedom Park (formerly Cornwallis Park) opposite the Westin for a rally against the security forum. Kimberley will also be speaking at the protest. Warmongers out of Halifax!

Kimberley’s evening talk is sponsored by Mount Saint Vincent University Nancy’s Chair in Women’s Studies, Mount Saint Vincent University Department of Sociology and Anthropology, and the James Robinson Johnston Chair in Black Canadian Studies at Dalhousie University.