Kendall with some thoughts on Christmas, including a handy list of all the soup kitchens serving Christmas dinners. Also some thoughts on a social inclusion tax credit for people on income assistance, much needed help for things like passes for fitness centres.

“Rabbi Jonah Rank, who was associated with Halifax’s Shaar Shalom synagogue until recently, wrote an impassioned defence of Ms. Zaman to Human Rights Commission CEO Christine Hanson calling Zaman “a friend to the Jews, a courageous changemaker.” He cites Ms. Zaman’s efforts in establishing a peace-seeking group of Halifax Jewish and Muslim women called “Salaam-Shalom.” From a press release issued by Independent Jewish Voices, condemning the rescinding of Rana;s Human Rights Award.

An energized Nova Scotia Federation of Labour is ready to take on the challenges of 2020. “We will take action on social issues like clean water on our First Nations Reserves, the environment and child poverty. We will vigorously oppose any anti-worker legislation that threatens free collective bargaining and will work to rid workplaces of sexual harassment and assault. We renewed our commitment to fight for a $15 minimum wage and Universal Pharmacare, and to oppose the privatization of public services,” writes president Danny Cavanagh.