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PSA: Demonstration in support of Rana Zaman, Monday, December 23, noon to 1 pm, Halifax

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – There will be a rally tomorrow (Monday) in Halifax to protest the decision by the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission (NSHRC) to rescind Rana Zaman’s Human Rights Award.

This decision was made based on a complaint made by the Atlantic Jewish Council, claiming she is not deserving because of her language used in tweets while defending Palestinian human rights. 

Based on this, the commission took immediate action and, in less than two days, rescinded Rana’s award without granting the simple courtesy of informing Rana about the complaint nor allowing her the opportunity to address the AJC or the Commissioners before the decision was made.

Location: Spring Garden Road, Park Lane entrance (Offices of the NSHRC).

Date and time: December 23, 12 noon.

More information: News release: Halifax Jewish group condemns Human Rights Commission and Atlantic Jewish Council for rescinding Rana Zaman’s Human Rights Award

Please make and bring you own sign, even if it is not really professional-looking. Here are some suggestions:

  • I support Rana Zaman
  • Human Rights Commission: Where Are Rana’s Human Rights?
  • Give Rana Back Her Award
  • Stop the Bullying of Rana Zaman
  • Rights Commission: You Threw Rana Under the Bus
  • [Your organization or group] supports Rana Zaman   

As well, please let the NSHRC know what you think of their decision.

See also: News brief: Rana Zaman’s human rights award rescinded after baseless accusations



  1. I totally support Rana Zaman Stop the intimadation

    L intimidation doit cesser Je support Rana Zaman a 100%

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