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Letter: I’m so angry that in our wealthy city we have homeless people

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – While browsing on the internet I read how an older gentleman went to the Dartmouth General hospital and didn’t have any shoes or socks on his feet. The hospital did their best to find footwear for the gentleman but they didn’t have anything to fit his size. A lady that was there with her son put a plea out on social media and the love came rushing in. 

Earlier this week, while visiting one of the buy and sell websites, I noticed a homeless gentleman reaching out to ask for a warm sleeping bag or blankets, anything for warmth because his items got soaked because of last night’s weather. This is weighing heavily on my heart. I feel helpless because I don’t have a vehicle or I would have gathered up everything or anything I have available to take to him or find a place of shelter for him. Fortunately there where many other compassionate folks that reached out to him and came to his aid. What wonderful people we have in our city. 

These kind of things has been a problem in our wealthy city for many years and it is always left to the nonprofit organizations to deal with. No one should be homeless in our city, but because of greed and those who get to call the shots in Province House and our city, and with our tax dollars, the unfortunate are left to suffer.

I’m so angry that in our beautiful city we have homeless people, while our provincial government does next to nothing. Meanwhile city council has a mayor and his crew that sit high in their comfy chambers and homes and have the audacity to give themselves outlandish raises before taking care of those who have fallen on hard times, whatever their story or circumstances may be. 

I’m so upset with these people who are elected and are doing absolutely nothing but taking advantage of our hard earned money only to make themselves richer over the backs of the moderate to low income earners.

Why isn’t money set aside in the spring to come up with a plan to set up housing at least for the winter months? If our mayor, councillors and MLAs could give up a few catered venues or useless dinner parties for the wealthy we could address this issue.

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  1. And this is the story of so many people, yet the government does not care, we need the NDP party to lead,how I wish jack Payton lived,we would be in a much better place and most definitely steven macneill needs to go

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