“I want to remind people that we are in this together, we are all impacted. If Canada is your front yard, then Africa is your backyard.” I spoke with Sudan expatriate Huwaida Medani about her worries that once the virus takes hold in Sudan, there will be very little to slow it down. All this just when things started to look up as the country got rid of dictator Omar al-Bashir.

Danny Cavanagh, president of the NS Federation of Labour, lists a series of demands and recommendations based on feedback from workers from across the province. Danny tackles workers safety, job security, paid sick leave, migrant workers, EI, and more. It’s a good list!

Press release: Medical professionals, human rights organizers, and supporters from coast to coast came together virtually to denounce the catastrophic legal, medical, and moral consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic on incarcerated migrants. The press conference took place as migrants at the Laval Immigration Detention Centre entered their fifth day of an indefinite hunger strike.

Kate MacDonald: In this very weird time of limiting our social gatherings, now more than ever, I have to sit with myself. How will we get to know the children and partners and family we are so lucky to be “stuck with”?

COVID-19 related demands by a broad coalition of Canadian organizations representing people living with disabilities. “If Canada’s healthcare system becomes overburdened by COVID-19, most triaging guidelines will result in people with disabilities being denied care, triaged out of care solely on the basis of having a disability. “