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Calling for poetry and short fiction submissions (and illustrators)

Andre Breton, by Man Ray

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – These are very difficult times for people who make their living in the arts sector in Nova Scotia. With shows, poetry readings and book launches all cancelled, it’s hard to be a professional artist, now more so than ever.

To do our tiny little thing to help, the Nova Scotia Advocate, in yet another bad business decision, commits to featuring (at least) one poem or piece of short fiction by a Nova Scotia writer each month, for the next five months. And we pay.

Although not quite the economic stimulus package for the arts that governments of all levels should commit to, we do hope this will help put a tiny bit of money in artists’ pockets and maybe lift their spirits a bit.

We will pay $75 for each published poem. For short fiction we will pay $0.15 per word, with a ceiling of $125. You’ll receive payment as soon as your submission is selected and we receive your invoice, no waiting around until it is published.

If you’re an illustrator we’d like to know about you, there may be an opportunity to feature your work in combination with one or more of the submissions.

The focus of the Nova Scotia Advocate is news with a radical social justice emphasis, and most of the poems we published so far have more or less met that description. But just writing a poem, any poem, is a radical act, so we’re pretty flexible.

Over the years we have featured some really great poems, check out the tags a poem a month 2019, A poem a month 2018, and some other miscellaneous stuff that is kicking around on these pages.  

Founded in January 2016, the Nova Scotia Advocate provides a voice for the many Nova Scotians who too often are ignored. We write about poverty, housing and gentrification, workers and bosses, City Hall, the environment, racism, homophobia and misogyny, refugees, people living with disabilities, prisons, the arts, and so on.

We like the stories other news media overlook, and we focus on Nova Scotia and the Atlantic provinces.

Please send your submission to The deadline for submissions is March 31. All decisions are final.

A big thank you to all our loyal sponsors, the folks who donate between $5 and $25 per month, and the one-time donors, who allow us to continue to serve our community and engage in impractical projects such as this one. We couldn’t run the Nova Scotia Advocate without them.

With a special thanks to our generous donors who make publication of the Nova Scotia Advocate possible.

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