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PSA: Black Lives Matter Solidarity Fund NS

An emergency fund for Black people living throughout Nova Scotia

A fundraising campaign to create a Black Lives Matter Solidarity Fund for Black people in Nova Scotia who need support during these unprecedented times has been initiated.

As Black community members who work and serve in a number of areas, we have joined together to address the unique needs and issues facing Black people in the city and throughout the province. As the recent study on racial discrimination in the distribution efforts of the Halifax Relief Commission after the 1917 Explosion reminds, African Nova Scotians face unique, often overlooked challenges in moments of social and environmental crises.

The COVID-19 pandemic will affect Black people in Nova Scotia in unique and disproportionate ways during this time of social distancing and isolation.

Please have a look and either donate, apply for funds  or at least share with your networks.



  1. I would like to donate to black lives matter Nova Scotia but not able to use go fund me. Is there another option?

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