“Dear Sam, this is the story of how your mom got lost, where I went, who I’ve been, and who I am.” Check out this week’s weekend video about Heather, a young mother who lives with mental health issues, who, unable to find help, ends up in a forensic hospital after being found ‘Not Criminally Responsible on account of Mental Disorder’. It’s really nice.

Delighted to present Wash your hands after reading this poem, by Antigonish poet Nanci Lee, and with a gorgeous illustration by painter Leya Evelyn. This is the first of the poems we selected after our call for poems and illustrators earlier this year. We have some catching up to do, so expect more than one poem a month for the next little while.

Robyn Bourgeois: “Addressing mass murder means taking a hard look at white masculinity and the normalization of violence. It requires that we refuse to dismiss mass murderers as mentally defective or a few “bad apples.” Instead, we must understand that the entire system of white masculinity is rotten. Because until we do, aggrieved white men will continue to commit mass murder and we will all continue to pay the price.”