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My bully wears blue – part 2, a poem by Angela Bowden

Kayla Borden
This is a never ending series of police violence
A never ending series of community silence
A never ending series of fragility and denial
Pain and pain and pain and trauma

My bully wears blue and carries a gun
Harrasses our brothers and sisters for fun
Brutalizes our daughters and kills off our sons
Then  goes home to their families when their day is done

And while you tuck your children in at night
We are closing caskets while you dim the lights
And you smile as you watch your children sleep 
While we weep and we weep and we weep and we weep

My Bully wears Blue part 2 and part 3
Four and five
Six and seven
Eight and nine
Ten and eleven
To be continued
Our lives in heaven

The weight is so heavy of the life we've been given 
Equality cancels quality of the reality we are living

And each child we birth
We are begging in hope
To stop killing us
Take our heads out your scope
And your head 
out your asses
Cause your killing without care, without consequence
In masses

I Can’t think, I can’t even feel
 And sometimes I have to pinch myself to see if its real
Cause this is a nightmare Of 500 years
Of billions of bodies
And billions of tears

Our children deserve to see their daddies come home
Our mothers deserve to see their kings rise to their thrones
Our daughters need not feel afraid and alone
In a world where they search for these rights
They are owed

Imagine just imagine having to carry this weight
Imagine just Imagine sucking up all this hate
Imagine just imagine being born with this fate
Imagine No response 
No apologies too late

My bully wears blue
But the bystanders wear all colours

Angela Bowden read this poem at the Halifax gathering in support of Kayla Borden that took place in Halifax on Friday.

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Angela Bowden is a frequent contributor to the Nova Scotia Advocate. She was one of the talented writers selected for the Alistair MacLeod Mentorship Program, offered by the Writers Federation of Nova Scotia.

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